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We inventory a large amount of hay in each type. Our goal is to keep the hay you need in stock. 

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All of our hay products are naturally grown, Non-GMO.



1st & 2nd Cut Timothy

Grown as a staple diet for horses and cattle, Timothy is rich, high in long fiber and provides a quality nutrition for horses. 



1st Cut Alfalfa

Grown as a high source of protein feed for the dairy industry, horses, beef cattle, sheep and goats can all benefit from its high fiber, and protein.




Our Mixed Hays are a selected blend of Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard Grass. These blends provide a premium quality feed.


All of our hay is analyzed for quality and we have test results available at all times. 

Please use these tests as a guideline, we do our best to test each field, however conditions may change in soil chemistry and growing conditions. Further testing on individual lots is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure exact results.

Contact Us for current test results.

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